When Groundbreaker Studios was born back in 2006, it already stood on years of aspiration and preparation cultivated by the group of eager, ambitious talents that tied their paths together that December day. Soon enough, those talents were set into motion, primarily in setting-up what would become one of the primiere manga magazines in the country. Ever since, Groundbreaker Studios has been making a reputation for itself both internationally and locally—both as an indefatigable source of high-quality artwork and as a dependable, professional partner in business.

Sequential ART

From Scripts and Layouts to Pencils and Inks; from Colors to Letters and everything in between—Groundbreaker Studios has everything covered to bring your stories to life. And variety is no question either. Whether you’re going manga-style, classical western or some edgy blend of both, we’re bound to deliver with our signature style. Mangaholix Manga Magazine, the studio’s flagship release, runs bi-monthly on a nationwide circulation and showcases the hottest in in-house talent.


Spending countless waking hours playing games ourselves, game art is virtually second nature to us. Be it designs for table-top miniatures or RPG character designs or graphics for guide books, our studio can add that visual punch for your next top-seller. Titles that carried the Groundbreaker touch include Heroclix and Ragnarok Online. And if it’s card game art you’re looking for, we understand exactly what you need: consistent style and quality even for high-volume demands. Groundbreaker Studios is geared to meet those specs as the people from Upper Deck would attest. If it’s card game designers you’re looking for, we have those too.


If you’re reading this now, you’re looking at just one of the ways we do design. Synergizing images, text and space into fully-functional packages, our studio provides design work for publications, brand imaging and logos, packaging and most any surface that would take printing