Artist Of The Month

Name: Kriss Sison
Job Class: Monk
Designation: Michiko’s hired hand
Age: younger than you’d think
Height: around 175 centimeters
Weight: twice the weight of an average man
Bloodtype: F
Other Affiliations: swim like a brick club
Weapons: anything I can grab (and throw)
Skills: lost in 60 seconds, chair crush, kitten throw
* Willord original
** Success rate 0.001%

Published Works Timeline:
1998 YEHEY! Comics magazine for children – Thunder Bubuli, Tink
2002 Psicom Publishing Inc. – many, can’t remember all
2003 Questor Extreme Mangamania – Camp Big 5 (second artist)
2004 Seven Seas Entertainment USA - Last Hope
2006 Rambol Komiks – Alagad Inc.
2007 Mangaholix – Ninja Girl KO!

Awards: n o n e
Other jobs before GB: wandering artist 4 hire

1.) If you went back in time and named yourself as an infant, what name would you take?


2.) What did you want to be when you grow up.
To become a Mad Scientist then take over the world.

3.) Did it hurt having all your youthful hopes and dreams dashed?
No, not really, actually I’m quite happy.

4.) What was the first thing you can remember drawing?

5.) What was the second thing you remember drawing?

6.) When did you realize that there was money to be had in the art business?
When I got my first paycheck for drawing 8 pages of comic, and a cover.

7.) When did you realize that #6 was total balderdash?
When I started earning more doing international work.

8.) If you changed the worst decision you've made in your life, where would you be right now?
Probably hiding somewhere in the mountains, away from civilization.

9.) Where do your ideas come from?
No idea.

10.) Give us a glimpse of the worst possible work scenario ever:
Computer hard drive dies, then burns, along with all your work- no backup, 1 hour till deadline, the boss is chewing your ass on the phone amidst the chaos then your girlfriend/wife leaves you without even saying anything while you’re bleeding to death, then you miss the deadline and you’re fired with a breach of contract law suit, and your house is on fire.

11.) Who would be your key artistic influences for Ninja Girl Ko?
GAINAX, Hirotaka Akaga, Ryusuke Hamamoto

12.) Who among the NGK characters did you base on real people?
None, though people might think I based the character design of Bambi on myself, that is not true.

13.) In your opinion, what was your personal best scene?
When Michiko unsheathe her sword to kill Anton.

14.) What's inside Michiko's sling bag?
Probably more weapons and her ninja outfit

15.) Is there a secret message behind the name of the water delivery truck that hits Tricia?
None. Blame Orgen.

16.) What's with the second S in Kriss?

17.) Why "El Tinidor de Diablo"?
I like to fork.

18.) Will your drawing powers disappear if we cut your ponytail?

19.) How would you like the Crabs?
I’d like to feed them to the dogs.

20.) What will you buy with 20 Million Pesos if you had to spend it all on yourself within one day?
A good land space located somewhere in Makati.

21.) If you had one question you want answered, what would it be?
The truth of what lies beyond our universe.