Created by: Emmanuel Javier and Ian Henry Cang
Writer: Emmanue Javier
Artist: Ian Henry Cang
Inker: Paolo Aguasin
Colorist: Brian Joseph Valeza
Letterer: Jon Zamar

Series Synopsis

In the chronicles of Hao Ran, the world is divided into three realms. The first realm known as Gran is a floating paradise where Gods reside. The second realm known as Coldstaire is the abyss where the wicked are viciously punished by the beast of destruction. The third realm known as Hao Ran is named after the supreme God of all of Gran. Hao Ran is where spirits are merged with their physical vessels and act as the energy source that keeps the realm of Gran amongst the clouds. Heresy in Hao Ran continues to increase at a dramatic rate. With faith as the guiding force of the energy flow, belief in false Gods is not only considered blasphemous but a waste of valuable resources as well. With the sudden decrease of spiritual energy, Gran slowly descends. The Gods are concerned of the world shattering into oblivion should Gran and Hao Ran collide. With the impending danger ahead, the seven houses of Gran decide to assign a new herald to end this threat.

Episode 1

Kraust submits to various trials set forth by the Gods to attain seals that grant him the title, Herald of Gran. After successfully acquiring the approval of Nikomedes, Ayonix, Merkarius and Selenia, Kraust is now set to freefall back to the world of Hao Ran and fulfill his providence.

Episode 2

Kraust freefalls right smack dab into another test courtesy of Nikomedes. His task is to overcome Keon Rizaldus, the fifth herald of Gran. After surviving the fight with Keon, Kraust breathes a sigh of relief only to witness his sheath entity being shot.


Kraust Vledlin
“Aspiring Swordslinger of Gran”

After being slain in the battle of Taranis beach, Kraust ascended into the heavens; Nikomedes Nikias took him under his wing and prepared him for the trials of attaining Gran’s herald title.

Nikomedes Nikias

“The God of Destruction”

The deity who implored Kraust to become the new herald of Gran; he also conquered Coldstaire during the first Gran war, which also makes him the current ruler of the underworld.

Merkarius Arnarac
“The God of War”

The ruthless war God hell bent on keeping the conflict between the neighboring countries of Hao Ran at its peak; by sending someone as battle hungry as Kraust to become the herald of Gran, it guarantees a violent new chapter in history for the lower realms.

“Goddess of Nature”

She is considered as the most beautiful Goddess of Gran; her main concern is that the environment isn’t senselessly destroyed during Gran’s campaign to rid Hao Ran of heresy.

“God of the Sun”
The egotistic head of the house of the heavens

Ayonix Auberon
“Blacksmith of the Gods”

A genius innovator with a child-like demeanor; he is the creator of all the Gran artifacts that are scattered across Hao Ran.

Selenia Ran
“Goddess of Life”

She is considered as the queen of Gran and Goddess of the most powerful race in Hao Ran.

Brahn Arnarac
“God of Death”

Defeated during the first Gran war, Brahn has since then settled as the head of matters that concern death.