Created by: Tanchanco Brothers
Writer: Marthy Angue
Artists, Inkers and Colorists: Joseph Cunanan, Dennis Menese, Brian Joseph Valeza, Marvin Del Mundo, Shelly Soneja, Jezreel Rojales, Dan Borgonos and Timothy Terrenal
Letterer: Jon Zamar

You know them as MYX’s favorite band of 2007. You’ve sung along to their hit singles “Jeepney” and “Manila High”. What you might not have heard about Kala, however, is that they’re also aliens. Well, they’re sorta aliends, what with the uber-cool technology and their spiritual “one-ness” with their extra-dimensional selves (not-to-mention the rest of all that is good in the universe). After coming across the enigmatic entity known as TALA, you wouldn’t exactly call them human anymore. Plus, they get to drive around halfway across the known multiverse in a snazzy space vessel.

To combat the Parapaps, TALA chose a Filipino band to carry her message of universal light and love to the people, bringing them light years through space (to the Pleiades stellar cluster) and reality (to a plane of existence called the Fifth Immanence) by merging them with their parallel selves from that universe. Then again, it will take more that just a radical change of world-view for them to be able to liberate mankind from Parapap control.

Episode 1

Brought to a higher plane of existenc, the Manila-based band Kala trains for a war against an alien race that has secretly enslaved humanity. Having faced their own weaknesses and overcoming them, they head home to begin their mission.

Episode 2

Returning to Earth from the fifth immanence, the Pulis Pangkalawakan recall the tragedy of their nemesis’ downfall and test the abilities that they will use to bring down the Parapap’s hidden dark empire.


The wise and powerful mentoring being that brought the band to the Pleiades in order to teach them lost truths about the universe. It was also Tala that guides the band towards their liberation of mankind
from the Parapaps.


Has the ability to turn into a raging beast by using emotional energies

Has the ability to create psychic fields that can heal, turn into a sword or beams of light

Has the ability to access untold volumes of knowledge and influence enemy minds

Has the ability to move objects with but a thought

Has the ability to manipulate sound to make and break barriers

Has the ability to self-replicate and create illusions

Has the ability to speed up himself or his allies

Dark and spiteful beings far advanced beyond the restraints of material form. They feed on the misery and fears of human beings and have created a mind-control-induced illusion of entrapment and anxiety over all of mankind in order to obtain their precious sustenance.