Created by: Marco Dimaano
Writer: Marco Dimaano
Artist, Inker and Colorist: Kriss Sison
Letterer: Jon Zamar

When hapless high school student Anton Alcazaren goes along on a field trip to the mountain provinces of Northern Luzon, he never expected to encounter the cutest and deadliest Japanese war straggler ever…

Episode 1

While on a field trip, high school student Anton Alcazaren gets separated from the rest of his class and wanders into the secret domain of the young and beautiful ninja girl, Michiko Yamashita. When he accidentally desecrates her late father's shrine, Anton causes Michiko to attack him in a rage. Anton is able to escape, but it's clear that he hasn't seen the last of the Philippine's deadliest and cutest war straggler...


Anton Alcazaren
15-year old high school student. A salt-of-the-earth type of guy though a bit of a klutz and jinx-magnet – thereby dubbed by the class as a black sheep.

Michiko Yamashita
An incredibly cute half-Japanese, half-Filipino 15-year old forest hermit and ninja-in-training

Miss Anna Robles
Anton’s strict but caring and extremely gorgeous teacher in Manggahan High School.

Tricia Gonzalez
The coolest, smartest and prettiest girl in Anton’s class. Secretly holds a crush on Anton